2021-2022 Season Registration

​​You will need the following to register:

* The name of the high school you represent

* The name of the team's coach

* A contact email for the team/coach

* A contact phone number for the 


* A form of payment

After Registration:

       * Every athlete must be registered with the

          North Texas Region USAV before

          participating in any TBHSV event.

                      - Once your team has registered with TBHSV

                            instructions on how to do this will be sent.


       * Please make sure you are familiar with the

          National Federation of State High Schools

          - Volleyball Rules Book

There are number of ways to register:

      *If you want to register by mail and pay

            by check fill out the registration

            form here.


       *If you want to register online and 

            with a credit/debit card go here

            (you will need to create a PayPal



       *If you have any questions please

            email Regina Progar at

             rprogar@tbhsv.com or