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Division 2 Information

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In an effort to ensure that all boys who want to play high school volleyball get the chance to play, even if they are just organizing or if their school is a little less supportive, we created Division 2. Division 2 does not have all of the requirements of Division 1 play, and the league does a lot of the organizing. Games are organized on four Saturdays during March and April. Your team can sign up for all of them or even just one of them. It is $100 to register, and then each tournament will cost no more than $100 (the price will depend on the number of teams playing and the cost of the different facilities, so we retain the right to charge less if we can).

  • The team has paid registration fee

  • The team has paid for the tournament they are going to play in.

  • The team is in good standing with TBHSV

  • All players must attend the same high school

  • All players must be registered USAV members (USAV registration instructions sent after TBHSV registration)

  • All coaches must be registered USAV members, a coach must be on the bench during play

  • Rosters are submitted at the time of the game.

Division II Dates:

March 9th


March 23rd

April 6th

North Texas Locations:

Decatur HS

Wylie East HS

Jesuit Dallas

Rockwall HS

Houston Texas Locations:



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NTX Division 2 Tournament Registration

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